Sets & Reps

The Fitness Application

Sets & Reps

The Fitness Application

Sets & Reps

The Fitness Application

It's time to work it out

Sets & Reps is the best fitness application for either workouts at home or workouts at the gym. We have built workouts that are suited to everyone, but best of all? It’s free!


Our app can be used at home, As designed this app is the best for home workout!


Our App can also be used at the gym, as a full workout. Where you have room.


Our App contains various workouts, some with equipment and some without.


The Workouts

Sets & Reps contains a huge variety of workouts, everything from Tabata’s to Kettlebell workouts. There is a workout for everyone. Tons of free workouts to get you started, and various packs if you need more.

The Layout

We have tried to create an application with a simple and easy to use interface. No one wants to be accidentally clicking the wrong buttons mid-workout. So we have created a simple yet effective layout.


Workouts are the only thing on the application, We have designed and included various tools to help you reach your fitness goals easier and quicker. Ranging from timers to calculators, The various tools will make sure your fitness journey is as stress-free as possible


A simple easy to use layout will make sure your workouts are as stress-free as possible.


We are very active on all our social media's. If you have any questions head on over and let us know.


With effective workouts and a various range of tool, We believe that as long as you are motivated you will see results.


Got a fitness question? Head over to our advice page and get the honest and reliable answer you are looking for.

What Our reviews say

Women Using App 1

Using Sets & Reps I have not only lost weight but also got fitter and healthier. As they say, Simple yet effective workouts.

Chelsea Blackburn

Women Using app 2

The Sets & Reps app has workouts that make working out fun and enjoyable. I can fit workouts around my busy life. This app is a keeper.

Abby Fuller

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