MyProtein Clear Whey Review – Is it any Good?


This could be a game-changer! Clear Whey from MyProtein! If you don’t know what clear whey is it’s a protein shake that is clear (obviously) but also refreshing. The range is based more on fruity flavours and sweets. So instead of your normal chocolate and Strawberry whey, you get flavours like Lemon and Lime, mango and Rainbow sweet. 

MyProtein released Clear Whey as a limited product around the start of the year but they have since released it as a permanent line up. If you want to find out more, you can read about it as well as pick up a tub (MyProtein Clear Whey)! We thought we would try it and let you know. Is it as refreshing as they say? So here is our Clear Whey Review.


Our first point in this Clear Whey review is the packaging. The packaging is your standard Myprotein packaging, they have a certain look to them and this product follows that. At the time that I bought it, the Clear Whey came in a tub. Which is a nice change, compared to the standard bag that MyProtein Whey comes packaged in. Side note, When I first opened up the tub, the scoop was on top! Which is rare!

MyProtein Clear Whey Review - Mojito


Now, this isn’t your normal whey protein, this is Clear whey. When you first mix it, you will notice that it froths up, loads! This is by design, what I did is take the top of the shaker off and let it settle for about 30-60 seconds. The froth then disappears and you are left with a clear drink. There were a few minor lumps left in the shake but nothing compared to some other protein shakes I have had.

As stated on the label this shake is clear and does look like a normal drink. I was actually very surprised by the result. Didn’t think it was going to be like they advertise and apart from a few tiny lumps, it was!


The biggest point is this Clear Whey Review, The taste! I found the taste was fairly pleasant. I wouldn’t say it tasted like the rainbow candy I was thinking it was trying to replicate, but the taste it has is very nice and refreshing! Especially when chilled!

There is one downside. It is very sweet. As expected they have used artificial sweeteners to sweeten this drink, which doesn’t concern me, but at some points, while drinking them the sweetness was overpowering. Since my first taste, I have since tried sipping the drink instead of “necking” it, I found this is a much better way. I have been using this while working at my desk, having it next to me and drinking it as if it was a bottle of water. This has made it very easy to consume and made the sweetness more palatable.

A big tip is to have it with Ice cold water. Makes it so much better and taste like an actual drink instead of a protein drink.


Now, the macros on this drink are insane! Ignore the Clearness, and the taste, I think this is the reason most people will buy this shake. I have been using this if I need to up my protein. The macros for the shake per 25g scoop:

  • Calories: 87kcal
  • Fats: 0.1g
  • Protein: 20g
  • Carbs: 1g

That is a great panel! Great drink if you need help hitting your protein for the day! I will defiantly be keeping this on hand for those occasions where I am down on my protein and need a boost.


Now, the price. This is Myprotein so you already know that the price is going to be sensible. As standard, the clear whey retails for £20.99 (At the time of writing). Now as we all know, Myprotein are always having sales, I just checked and they have a code available that brings the price down to £12 (That is about 60p a serving). Always check for discount codes when shopping on MyProtein. Big savings to be had.

Back to the original price without a discount code, it is more expensive than your standard whey (Around £1 a serving), so I wouldn’t use this as your main Protein supplement. However, it is nice to have a tub on hand just to have something different on warm days.


So that was our Clear Whey Review, Overall I am very happy with the Clear Whey. I will defiantly be adding this to my supplement list permanently. It does make a nice change to the standard milky shakes and also the macros are incredible.

I would be very keen to try out the other flavours and see what they taste like. I would like to see if the sweetness was due to the flavour. If you have tried any of the other flavours, get in touch here or over on our Instagram. If we do try other flavours we will update this Clear Whey Review with those flavours.

Remember, a certain product won’t make you lose weight. You lose weight by hitting your macros and being in a calorie deficit. These kinds of products are supplements and should always be used to supplement a good diet. I feel like we should write a whole blog about when to use supplements. There are a lot of lies out there about them. 

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Written by Kieran Blacker

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