Are home workouts better than gym – Is one better than the other?


Are home workouts better than gym workouts? Is one better than the other? This question comes down to personal preference, goals and also budget. All of which we will cover in this article. We are going to try to explain the benefits and negatives of both Home workouts and gym workouts and try to find an answer to the questions are home workouts are better than gym workouts. However, before we get into it, we first need to define “better”. When we say better what do we mean. 


What do we mean when we say “better”. What defines better? I think when most people say better they mean a few things. First of all, they mean the easiest. Which one is the easiest to get fitter and healthier, secondly, they also mean cheapest. Which one will have less expense. Third, they mean quick lest. Which one will give you the results fast? 

So to find the best it needs to have all three of the above. A mixture of them all. Those variables are different for every person. What is cheap for person A might be expensive for person B. Each one is relative to you and only you. So the first point we want to make is that what might be the best for person 1, doesn’t mean it will be the best for person 2. 


So, why might the gym be better? Well, The main reason is you’re going to have moreover a variety of machines and weights you can use. This means it’s going to be easier to increase volume and progress. Everyone’s goal should be to progress, Get strong or be fitter. Be able to lift more or go further or faster. This will be a lot easier if you have the correct equipment and tools around you to help you.

I also find that motivation can be higher as you have to change and travel to get to the gym. Once you are in the gym you can’t just leave and be in your house. You are there so you will work out. This might be a “me” thing, but having to make the effort to go to the gym means that once I am in there, I will focus and work out.

You will also find that a lot of gyms (Mainly commercial gyms) will offer group workouts and classes for their members. This is great if you are just getting started with fitness and working out. Meeting new people, working out in a group and in general having a laugh. It is a great way to fall in love with fitness and motivate you. Along with the same idea as this, it is also great if you have a workout partner. You can meet at the gym and work out, however, we will touch on this issue more shortly as it is also a win for home workouts.


It’s not all bad news for home workouts! They have plenty of positives! This is why people (like myself) love them so much. The first and most important positive is it is at home. You don’t have to travel, If you feel super motivated for a workout you can just go do one, also there is no one else there, no distractions. Play whatever music you want and do whatever workout you want to do This is great for people who are not yet confident enough to step into a gym. Not everyone is super confident to step into a gym, if someone has only just started fitness, they may want to get used to some exercises and workouts before stepping into the gym.

No monthly membership, once you have bought your equipment you are all done! No recurring charges. Unless you want to expand your equipment range. However, you will be surprised what you can do with minimal equipment (e.g. Pair of dumbbells, Kettlebell and Bodyweight). There is also no waiting for Equipment either. When you start the workout all the equipment is yours, meaning workouts like supersets or EMOM’s are simple because you don’t worry about someone stealing your equipment.

The biggest point, for me, is that you don’t have to travel, You can finish the gym and be home 1 minute later. Have a shower and are ready for the rest of your day. This is great if you want to work out before work in the morning. Without that travel time, you will find your workout window is decreased. Instead of 30 minutes there, 1-hour workout and 30 minutes back, it gets cut down to 1 minute there, 1-hour workout and 1 minute back. Saving you almost an hour a day (depending on your gym’s distance).


So which one do we prefer? Believe it or not, I prefer i mixture of both. I believe this is the best way as it allows ultimate freedom. Work busy and can’t fit the gym in? Then a home workout in the shape of an EMOM or AMRAP. However, if I have a chilled day, not a lot to do then I can go to the gym for a good session. It all depends on my routine and schedule.

Also, my office is near the gym so, it is easier to pop in for a gym session and avoid the traffic. I also train with a friend so it makes more sense to train at the gym.

I would say that my gym to home split is 80/20. Most of my workouts are at the gym. However, I do still love to do home workouts. I don’t think it is about which one is better as the location won’t affect the workout, but it will affect the equipment and maybe motivation.


So are home workouts better than the gym? Depends on goal and budget. Are they better? No, are they just as good? Absolutely! At the end of the day, it all comes down to progression and increasing volume over time. Both home workouts and the gym have their place. For accessibility to weights gym will always be better, but for convenience home workouts will always take the win. The best one is the one that you enjoy, the one that you want to keep doing and consistently do.

Let us know which one you prefer! Comment your favourite under our Instagram post here. We would love to hear what everyone prefers! Maybe you do a hybrid of both? If you are after some amazing workouts for both home and gym then make sure to check out our FREE fitness application! Designed to have everything you need for your fitness journey! You can download it here. 

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Written by Kieran Blacker

Kieran is the CEO and Founder of Sets & Reps. He decided to make an application that helped people get a gym workout when not at the gym. He designed, Coded and built the application himself.