Apple Pie Baked Oats – A very LOW Calorie Apple Pie Recipe


Baked Oats - Apple Pie

I love apple pie, however, it is high in calories and low in protein, not making it the best meal for fitness and weight loss! However, luckily for you we have put together an easy and simple Apple Pie baked oat recipe! This is similar to our other baked oats recipe but this time with the idea to make it taste like apple pie.

The recipe contains six simple ingredients which are listed below and it only takes 7 steps to make it (6 if you don’t count eating it). It is a very simple recipe, almost intuitive. Baked Oats are so simple and highly versatile. So let us get started with the recipe


  • Fat Free Greek Yoghurt – 60g
  • Semi-Skimmed Milk – 60ml
  • Per4m Whey Apple Strudel Protein – 30g
  • Baking powder – 3g
  • Oats – 40g
  • 1 Medium Apple


Preheat your oven to 180 Degree Celsius (Fan Assisted)

  1. Grab an oven proof bowl and mix all the dry ingredients in the bowl
  2. Add in the wet ingredients and mix thoroughly
  3. Cut up the apple and remove the core
  4. Put the bowl in the oven (Middle Shelf) and cook on 180 for 15-20 minutes (See Tips).
  5. Once the cake is at the desired texture and consistency remove from the oven.

Tuck in and enjoy!


Below is the calorie breakdown of this recipe:

  • Calories: 373
  • Fats: 6g
  • Carbs: 46g
  • Protein: 33g


  • The amount of time you cook the baked oats for will vary your results in texture. If you want them slightly more “gooey”  undercooked the recipe. 12 to 15 minutes should give you a nice gooey texture, however if you want to be very much cake like, cook them for 15 to 20. You will have toe experiment with your oven and the temperature.
  • If you want an extra crisp to the oats sprinkle some calorie free sweetener on top before you put it in the oven, this will crisp up and add a nice crunch.
  • For this recipe we use standard oats but you can also use instant oats which will acted more like flour and give you a smoother texture.
  • Don’t be scared to experiment! Add ingredients take away ingredients based on your macros and flavours you enjoy.
  • You may want to add some low-calorie or 0 cal spray to the bowl to stop the mixture sticking


So that is our “Apple Pie” recipe. It is just a baked oats recipe. We have created a chocolate cake recipe which is similar to this recipe with a few tweaks. However, this one is a lot lower in calories than the chocolate cake recipe. Allowing you to maybe add some sauces or something on top. Get creative! Any recipes you want to see us create? Anything you wish was lower in calories and higher in protein? Let us know over on our contact page or on our Instagram! If you give this recipe a go make sure to tag us!

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