5 Home Workout Accessories – Things you might want to invest in for home workouts


In theory, you don’t need anything to do a home workout. However, there are a few Home Workout Accessories you can buy to make your life a little bit easier. We aren’t including weights or resistance bands, These are going to be items that will help everything around the workout.

This is our top 5 Home Workout Accessories. A collection of items that we think you should invest in if you do any kind of home workouts. So let us dive straight into our first one! A yoga mat!


Home Workout Accessories - Yoga Mat

The first thing that we recommend you invest in is a yoga mat. Your knees will thank you. A yoga mat is not only great for your joints but also great for your mind and your motivation. The first main reason you should get a yoga mat is so you have a soft portable area you can workout on. No matter what surface or what room you are working out in you will know that you have a soft surface to workout on. This has many benefits but the first one is it will protect your joints from solid impacts and also give you grip so you won’t slip around everywhere while working out.

The other reason is more of a motivation and mental aspect. Having that mat that you can bring out for your workouts will make sure you get into the right mindset and hope you up. Something familiar, something consistent throughout all your workouts. You will be surprised how much this makes a difference.


Home Workout Accessories - Pull Up Bar

This is a simple one but so often overlooked. I feel the hardest muscle to work out at home is back. unless you have a fair amount of weight, you can’t do any back exercises. Unless you have a pull-up bar. The exercise never gets easier.

Investing in a pull-up bar is the best investment you can make for your back (at home). Consistent work on pull-ups will see your back improve a crazy amount (This is even true for gym workouts as well). Such a simple and “Easy” exercise, yet so effective for your workouts.

Now there are two main kinds of pull up bars. The most popular is the wall attachment. For these, you will fix the bar to your wall (Solid concrete wall) and you will have a pull-up bar. The downside to these is that they are stationary, not portable and require drilling and fixing (Not the best for rentals). This is where the next option is great. Freestanding pull-up bars, These bars are a rig that you assemble. They don’t require any drilling or fixing to anything. You can break them down and put them away after. The downside to these is that they tend to be big and take up a bit of space. It all depends on what you are after and your needs.


Home Workout Accessories - Headphones

This is a very personal one, however for me, I can’t work out without headphones or music playing! So for me, a home workout requires music. I find it strange to wear headphones at home, so I have invested in a small Bluetooth speaker (Was like £10) on Amazon. It is perfect for home workouts. Also amazing if I have a friend round and we can Bluetooth music and both get hyped listening to the same track.

Nothing is more motivating than throwing on your favourite gym playlist and getting in the zone. Music is a wonderful tool. We do know a few people that use music like pre-workout. They only use it as a tool and when they need it. If they are feeling like they are having a crap workout, only then will they put their headphones in. Maybe we will do another post going into more depth about this.

If you do want to use headphones (If you mix between home workouts and gym workouts) then you can check out our headphone reviews. We have revised the Powerbeat Pro’s and also the Apple AirPods. Give them a read for our honest opinion.


Home Workout Accessories - Water Bottle

This is a simple one. A dedicated water bottle. Working out at home you may be tempted to just use a glass or a mug, but as the phrase goes “if it can go wrong it will go wrong.” Having a glass laying around means you will end up kicking over. Investing in a water bottle with a lid (even a shaker bottle) will keep this from happening. 

We also recommend you get a metal or thermo bottle. This will keep your drink cooler for longer. If you are going to go down the shaker route. Try to get a metal shaker, not only will this help keep drinks cool. But it is also better for the environment.


Having a good workout timer can take all the stress out of having to count or track your workouts. Am I on a rest? On a Working set? Who knows! Having a good timer will solve all of this! There are hundreds of timer apps out there, some of them good (Cough, ours!) and some not so good! Whichever one you chose make sure it is clear and easy to read. Open it up on the biggest screen possible and get to work out.

If you are after the best workout timer then make sure you try our workout timer, you can get it on our free application (Which you can download here). No matter what workout you are doing, our timer will be perfect for you! So many timers suited for every workout! With helpful sounds and a big screen, it takes all the stress out of keeping track of your workouts.


Remember you don’t need anything to do home workouts however these items might make it easier or more enjoyable. Workouts from home don’t need to be all about weight. People focus on buying weights and bands and forget some of the items above that make working out more enjoyable and more convenient.

If there are any that you feel we have missed out then please let us know either over on our Instagram or drop us an email! We would love to hear what you all use for your home workouts.

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Written by Kieran Blacker

Kieran is the CEO and Founder of Sets & Reps. He decided to make an application that helped people get a gym workout when not at the gym. He designed, Coded and built the application himself.