Ways to use Protein Powders other than drinking a shake


Protein powder! Most people when they think of protein powders they will think of protein shakes! Mixing a powder with either milk or water and drinking it. in my opinion, this is the worst way to consume protein powder. There are so many better ways. Protein shakes always taste watery and weak to me. Unless you add a load more ingredients to make an actual Milkshake. 

In this article, we will go over a few ways to use protein powders that are different from what you normally would. These tips will make it easier for you to get your protein content in and make you want to consume the protein powder. So let us dive into our first tip and one that most people already use!


Our first of a few ways to use protein powder is by adding it to porridge. Adding protein powder to porridge (and other goodies) is not only a great way to spice up your morning porridge, but also make what would normally be a high carb meal, high protein as well.

Things to look out for is that you mix it all in, scrap around the bottom of the bowl to make sure you don’t have any unmixed powder. I always add protein powder into the oats after I have cooked them. Cook then and then add in the protein powder. Also, you will have to experiment as to how much powder you can put in for how much oats. I tend to do 1 scoop (30g) or Protein powder (Per4m Whey) to 40 grams of oats.


This is an obvious one, but using protein powder is a great way to add protein to any baking recipe. I have used it plenty of times. What you do have to remember is that Protein Powder isn’t a substitute for flour! So don’t think you can just chop and change!

If you want to find some amazing recipes and get some awesome ideas then you need to check out Counting Zacros Instagram. He has some incredible recipes and posts almost every day! Giving you plenty of ideas on how to bake with Protein Powder. My favourite recipes are the Protein Rice Krispy Cakes and his Baked oats.


This is the simplest of recipes and uses for protein powders you can do! If you have finished your main meal and you are feeling something a little sweet, then I highly recommend trying this! Adding a scoop of protein into some fat-free Greek yoghurt is a great way of making a sweet treat. You can make so many flavours and combinations.

I normally do one scoop of protein to 150g of yoghurt but you can mix it up and find out what works for you. The great thing about this is that you are also getting the protein content from the Greek yoghurt. So this can turn into a very high protein meal but staying fairly low on calories!


This one may seem strange but I discovered it from George Osbourne, He adds it to the top of his cream of rice, but you could use it on top of anything, Cakes, Oats or Brownies! Such a simple and great way to add not only flavour but also protein!

You make it by mixing a scoop of protein powder with a small amount of water. You do not need much water at all! Best to start with a small amount of water and add more if needed. You don’t want to add too much! You want it to be a sludge texture. Simple, Cheap and proper tasty!


So there you go, a few ways to use protein powders and a few ways to make it nicer and a lot tastier! You will get bored of protein shakes so this is a way to make sure you don’t get bored and continue to hit your protein goal.

If you want some recipes with protein powder you can check out our recipe page here. We have a few recipes that we have put together and we are working on putting a few more together. If there are any recipes that you want to see, please let us know. If you have any ways to use protein powder then please let us know!

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