Not your Usual Leg Day Workout – Let us SPICE some things up


The other week we put a “not your usual upper body” workout out, this week it’s time for a lower body and leg workout! These workouts are designed not to include you usual exercises! We have chose some different exercise and also spiced up the format and order of things!

So let us get straight into this unusual lower body workout. As with all our workouts, below is the workout which is followed by a breakdown and then some top tips. 


  • Bulgarian Split Squats 3X10-15 (per leg)
  • Dumbbell RDL’s 3X6-8
  • Leg Extension (Single Leg) 4X15
  • Hamstring Curls (Single Leg) 4X15
  • Goblet Squat 3X8-10
    • Goblet Calf raises 3X15-20


So this workout doesn’t use squats or leg press! So there is no pressing motion involved! It starts by doing 10-15 reps on Bulgarian split squats! These are an amazing exercise that tends to be underused. It’s understandable because they knew all and burn! So three sets of these. As we said perform 10-15 reps on each leg. If you need to rest after each leg that is ok, no need to rush.

The next movement that we are going to do is our “compound” exercise. This is an RDL, except we are going to do them with dumbbells, I feel that using dumbbells allows you to move the weight around and pivot easier allowing you to connect with the exercise and feel it better. With RDL’S you have to take your time to set up the exercise to get the most out of it. We are going to perform 6-8 reps for 3 sets. This is a low rep high weight exercise. 


We are then going on to single-leg extensions. Perform these just the same as you would for a standard leg extension except going to the one leg at a time. Make sure that you are locked into the seat and your buttocks do not move off the seat. We are going to perform four sets of 15 reps per leg. We are also going to do the same on the next exercise. Hamstring curls, Single legged. Again perform 15 reps for four sets keeping locked into the seat and hinge in from the knee.

The final exercise is going to be a superset of goblet squats into goblet calf raises. You want to choose a fairly heavyweight for the goblet squats, performing 8 to 10 reps on these. After you have finished these you want to go straight into goblet calf raises and perform around 15 to 20 reps. On the goblet squats, you want to make sure you perform them as slow and controlled as possible. Repeat this exercise for three sets and then you’re finished.


  • Take around 30 to 60 seconds rest after each set
  • It is better to go lighter and more control and focus on how heavy you can go
  • Adjust the weights so that you are hitting the rep range. If it is to easy then increase the weight.


 So there you have it another unusual workout, maybe we will do more of these workouts as everyone seems to enjoy them. If you haven’t checked out our last unusual workout you can view it here. We have already posted a fair few workouts, If you want to have a look at out just head over to this page and you will see all the workouts we have made. You can also just search for “workout” in the blog search bar. I am sure there is something there for everyone.

Remember if you want more workouts like this, then head over and give our workout Application a look. Our free app contains hundreds of workouts as well as many other features to help you in your fitness journey! We want to help you as much as we can! Any questions you might have let us know on our advice page!

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Written by Kieran Blacker

Kieran is the CEO and Founder of Sets & Reps. He decided to make an application that helped people get a gym workout when not at the gym. He designed, Coded and built the application himself.