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I have recently made the decision to change gym, Why? Well, for a few reasons. It is a move that has been in the works for a while now. While I was thinking about moving I thought it would make a good article to go over the things I thought about and why I have moved gym. Some of you reading this might be thinking about moving or changing the gym and this might help you. 

There are many reasons we choose the gyms we do, likewise, there will be many reasons why we might want to change gym, However, there are many things to think about and weigh up before you pull the trigger. So let us go over a few of the things I thought about and why I ended up changing gyms.


Let’s go over our first point. One that makes a lot of people swap gyms and that is the location! Location is the main reason someone chooses a gym. Even more so than price. I mean, there are plenty of incredible gyms around the country but what’s the reason you don’t go to them? Distance! Some people might like their gym closer to their work or closer to their house. Depending on their schedule and activity. Also, some gyms offer multiple locations, a lot of the commercial gyms (The Gym Group, Pure Gym etc) will allow you to access other locations on your membership. This can be helpful if you are travelling or work away a lot.

Personally, the gym I have just swapped to is closer to my house, and also offers multiple locations and also more benefits (But we will talk more about that shortly). So for me, it was a no brainer to swap to a gym that wasn’t 40 minutes away but only 10 (or 15, depending on which location I went to). It also has different equipment, which leads us nicely onto our second point. 


You go to a gym to work out and to work out you need equipment, no matter what people say different equipment hits differently! Some machines are good some are bad. Plus depending on your program you might want or need various equipment. Everyone wants all the equipment under the sun, however, this tends to up the mostly price so it’s about finding a balance.

Finding new equipment can also increase motivation! Finding that certain exercise that you can feel can make you want to do it more and end up making you spend more time in the gym. Which is a plus! 

This is the main reason for me swapping gym! I found my old gym got a bit stale, they never invested in new equipment and only had the basic equipment. Whereas my new gym has loads of new equipment (Ski Erg, Powerlifting equipment etc) and also different kinds of equipment (Various Lat pulldowns and other machines, Heavier dumbbells etc).  They also seem that they are actively trying to improve and add more equipment. 


Your goals can also change what gym you go to. Want to become a powerlifter? Then it might be worth signing up to a Powerlifting gym! Bodybuilder? Then the same will apply! We aren’t saying you need to join a specific gym to hit certain goals but it will help! They will have the guidance, expertise and equipment to assist you n your goals! 

This wasn’t a reason I swapped, both gyms were good enough for my goals, they both had enough weight (For now). So goals wasn’t a reason that I swapped gyms at all.


Price is a funny one because you would think it would be the main reason some people choose a gym, but sometimes price doesn’t matter! Other factors will take over before! Like we said, equipment and location can be more important! Prices of gyms will vary depending on where you go, what you are looking for and also what kind of gym it is. Commercial gyms will be a lot cheaper than family-run gyms. There is (at least for me) a maximum price I will pay for a gym and for my that will be around £35-£40 a month. Anything more and I can’t justify it! 

The gym I have moved to is more expensive than my previous gym, however, I get more for my money. My old gym use to be one location and only a gym. However, in my new gym, I get 2 locations, a Swimming pool, workout classes, Steam and a sauna room and a whole host of other activities all included in my monthly price.


The last reason might just be to change gym! Being at the same year for years and years can make working out stale and bland, swapping gym will make everything seem new and fresh and boost your motivation! Will give you that feeling of starting gym for the first time, except this time you have all your knowledge behind you. 

Another reason to just change it up might be due to bad memories, you might have started at that gym with an ex-partner or something, now you have separated it might hold bad memories or you might run into them. Seems like a little thing but can affect motivation and stop you from going to the gym.


So there are a few reasons why you might want to change gym and also the reason I have changed gym. One thing we didn’t mention much is multiple gym memberships. If you can afford it, it can be good to sign up for 2 or more gyms, allowing you to have a range of locations and locations. However, the more you sign up to the less you will use each one and the value for money will decrease. So pick wisely.

Have you recently changed gyms? If so let us know why you did, we would love to hear all your reasons for swapping or stopping your gym membership. As we have said several times before, everyone has their own goals so have their reason for picking certain gyms. Let us know yours over on our Instagram or our Contact page.

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Written by Kieran Blacker

Kieran is the CEO and Founder of Sets & Reps. He decided to make an application that helped people get a gym workout when not at the gym. He designed, Coded and built the application himself.