What’s in my gym bag – 2022 Update


As we have started a new year, I thought it would be good to run through what is in my gym bag, What has changed since last time and is there anything new in there. We will cover everything I have in my bag and why I have it in there. You might be surprised that some things are in there, or are not in there. However, let us dive straight in with the main thing that everyone uses.


This is key for me! I have to have some liquid of some kind with me while I work out. What liquid is in the bottle can change. Sometimes it is just water and other times it might be a carb powder of some kind, all depends on energy and mood. What kind of water bottle I use also changes. I have recently started using a 1.5-litre bottle as I am trying to drink as much water as possible and I find it useful if I don’t have to keep filling it up. However, if I was going to use a carb powder then I would use a Shaker. 

Also if I was using a carb powder then I would carry my normal 1.5-litre water bottle as well. If you finish the carb powder and refill it, then it can taste weak and not nice.


Now yes, All gyms will have these in, however, I find that due to the high amount of use a gym set of clips get, they can start to wear and don’t grip the bar as well as they should be. So I tend to take mine so that I know I have a good set of clips to keep the plates on the bar (super useful for Deadlifts). I have just an affordable set from Amazon.

A little tip is that if you do take your own clips (or gear) to the gym, make sure you buy them in a different colour from the gyms, and also try to get a highly visible or fluorescent colour. This way if they get pinched or stolen you will be able to tell that they are yours fairly easily.


This is slowly becoming my favourite thing in my gym bag! If you want to build your back and see progress then you should be using straps! Most people stop a set when their grip gives out not when their back does! Don’t let your grip slow your back progress. Invest in a set of straps and you will see improvements straight away!

I have got a set of Bear straps. If you go to 70/30 Fitness page you can get a discount code (you can also check out the interview we did with him here). They are high quality and you won’t need to replace them for ages! I use mine almost every session and they are still in perfect order (except for being a bit dirty). Everyone should have a pair of lifting straps!


If I am honest I don’t use wrist wraps an awful lot. The only time I will use them is if I am doing a new weight on a pressing movement. I think that is more mental than anything and a bit of a placebo than actually useful. I guess if you were doing super heavy lifts then you might need them but for me, I just have them in my bag in case my wrist starts hurting (I broke my wrist twice when I was younger). However, I very rarely use them. The brand I got is the same as above, and again if you use the code you will be able to save yourself some money.


Going to the gym, you will naturally build up a sweat and get hot. However, one of my pet peeves is people not wiping down equipment! Carry a towel with you and wipe down the equipment after you have used it! Plus they are useful to wipe your face, hands and anything else that might get slippery or need wiping! 

I could rant about this all day but I will leave it there and just say that if you don’t have some kind of wiping equipment in your bag you need to invest in one now! Don’t be that person that leaves a massive sweat mark on a bench!


Last, and most importantly is headphones! For me, if I don’t bring my headphone or I forget them, that could ruin a workout! Listening to my own music helps me out at the gym so much! Some people don’t need headphones, I am not one of those people! My headphone choice is the Powerbeat Pro’s (We have a review of them here), a fairly expensive headphone, however, i. Strongly believe in going fully wireless for the gym or any kind of exercise! Just remember not to leave them at home!

Speaking of leaving them at home, This can ruin my workout that much that I carry an old wired pair of headphones for backup! Believe me when I say that they have saved a few of my workouts before! 


So that is everything I have in my Gym bag! I have decreased what I have in there. I don’t carry chalk or a spare pair of trainers around anymore! Since getting the Metcon 7’s I don’t feel the need to wear any other trainer to the gym.

What is my gym bag like compared to yours? Do you carry more than me? Have I forgotten something that you just can’t do without? Let us know over on our Instagram, we would love to see what you all are carrying around with you! 

We have article covering so many areas of fitness and dieting! So if you want an honest answer to any question you might have you can head over to your blog! I am sure you will find the answer to it.

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Written by Kieran Blacker

Kieran is the CEO and Founder of Sets & Reps. He decided to make an application that helped people get a gym workout when not at the gym. He designed, Coded and built the application himself.