Let us talk about Celebrity Workouts and Their Trainers!


We have all seen superhero films where the main character is in amazing shape and fully ripped and strong. These actors then go on talk shows and talk about their celebrity workouts, routines and diets. What they say is nothing more than just complete crap! Even their trainers say just as much rubbish as they do. 

We thought we would take the chance to talk about some trainers, actors and their workouts. Explain why you shouldn’t listen to them, perform them. They have a huge amount of help from various things to help them get into shape. I am yet to see an actual Hollywood workout or any celebrity workouts that I can sit and say “that looks good and is most likely what they are doing!”

What is the main issue with these Celebrity Workouts?

The main issue is that they are just false. They are aimed at getting people to click on them and watch them and build views and clicks, not spread information. 

The main reason that I have with these videos is the misinformation that they spread! People want to look like Superman or Thor so they copy their workouts or use their apps, do these rubbish workouts and don’t get the results they expect, so they blame fitness or (even worse) themselves and give up on it all! This is not how people are meant to share fitness information.

Another issue I want to touch on is that a lot of these videos will say that “This person put on 20lbs of muscle using this workout”. What these “trainers” tend to do is any weight they put on they say is muscle. When in reality out of that 20lbs, very little of it is most likely muscle.

If the workouts don’t work why are they in such good shape?

There are many reasons that they are in good shape. The main one is that they aren’t doing the workout that they show. What they are doing is much more simple, but we will talk about that shortly.

The other reason they are in such good shape is that they have time and money on their side. They have production companies paying for the best gyms and time to go to the gym. If you think about it, imagine how much better your fitness journey would be if you had all the time in the day to workout! A private or empty gym to do it, and a chef or meals prepared for you? They have all the stress taken away which makes it so much easier!

We have to touch on the fact that some of (if not all of them) are on the secret sauce as well. They will be enhanced to gain so much muscle for certain rolls. You could even argue that there are celebrities out there that owe their whole career to Steroids and being enhanced, but I will let you think about who they could be.

So what are they actually doing?

So if the workouts that they are showing don’t work (or do not look like they do) what are they doing then? Well, the real answer is kind of boring! They are doing just your normal workouts, Structured workouts, progressive overload and a good calorie tracked diet. It is as simple as that. They are doing the same as you should be and most likely will be!

As we mentioned above, they also have all the time and the money to help them so they have no stress either when it comes to their fitness. Everything has been taken care of! All they have to do is follow and plan a diet and a dosage (hint, hint).


Hopefully, with the help from this article, you can now look at these celebrity workouts and tell they are just spouting rubbish to get clicks and views. Remember, building muscle is simple but takes hard work. You don’t need to be doing single leg pistol squats mixed with bicep curls. Why take away from a certain exercise? They are all doing the same workouts that you are doing. Just have more time, money and access to certain substances to help them out to get better and faster results. Don’t go following the same workout as they are doing expecting to end up looking like them, because there are so many other factors!

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Written by Kieran Blacker

Kieran is the CEO and Founder of Sets & Reps. He decided to make an application that helped people get a gym workout when not at the gym. He designed, Coded and built the application himself.