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What is the Advice all about?

Do we believe that you should struggle to get the fitness or nutrition advice that they need? No! Anyone that is after help should get it, and if that advice is free, that’s a win, win. Here at Sets & Reps, we provide free fitness and Nutrition advice for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you have the app or not, but you can ask your questions from within the Sets & Reps application. If you want advice, we will help you out! Just fill out the Form Below!

Thanks to the internet, you can find whatever you want almost instantly, but also thanks to the internet, you can’t guarantee that information is reliable, trying to find the correct information on the internet can take ages, asking someone and getting a personal response is even better. That is the main reason we created this service. So you have a reliable and trustworthy place for your fitness information, Combine that with the Sets & Reps app and the Fitness Blog and you have a one-stop-shop for fitness help and advice.



    Before you send an advice email, see if you question has already been answered over on the FAQ page. As the name suggests we post the most frequently asked questions over there.

    We update the FAQ regularly, We get asked a lot of little questions about fitness, and if we find one being asked a lot we will put it on our FAQ page.

    Remember we can guarantee a response but we can not give you a time on how long that response will take. That will depend on the volume of emails we receive.