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Sets & Reps

The Fitness Application

Sets & Reps

The Fitness Application

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions, So we have listed all out FAQ in a easy to use list below. If you have any questions about Sets & Reps we are pretty sure you will find it below, If not send us an email and we will do our best to answer it.

How much is sets & Reps to download?

To download the app is completed free, you can just go to the iOS App Store, search for Sets & Reps and download it

How long is my trail for free advice?

There is no trial for the advice. It is free and always will be free.

can i use sets & Reps in the gym?

Of course, you can, a lot of our user are using Sets & Reps at the end of their standard gym routine.

will the app take up a lot of space on my phone?

No, we have designed the app to be as light weight as possible. This is one of our goals. We want the app to be, free fast and clutter free.

can i lose weight without working out?

You can, if you calculate your Macro’s correctly, you will lose weight, but with the help of 1 maybe 2 workout sessions a week. It will speed things up.

is the app expandable?

It is, within the app, there are extra workouts that you can purchase. These give you a wider variety of workouts.

do you have a clothing line?

We do not, There are already many Gym Related clothing lines, We don’t see a point trying to compete with them.

do you do pt sessions?

No. Currently, we do not do 1 to 1 PT sessions. Although we do know some amazing PT’s in our local area, so if you are looking for one. Just give us an email.

if i have further questions where do i go?

Feel free to head over to the contact page and contact us through there.

do you have any social media platforms?

Of course,  and would really appreciate a follow. Plus it is another place you can ask any of your questions.

Twitter: @Sets_and_Reps

Facebook: @setsandreps1

Instagram: @setsandreps1

Is how did the company start?

The company started when our Founder,  found that all the home workout apps, were hard to use, filled with useless features and very expensive. So he decided that he could do better, and it has just grown from there.

where is sets & Reps based?

Sets and Reps was designed and made in Britain. We are a UK application with all our team based in the South West of England.

will you be adding weighted workouts to the app?

Possibly. We have already got Kettlebell workouts and WOD workouts, but we might have some weighted workouts. We are trying to keep it so you can do all our workouts at home. But we will see!

best form of cardio?

The two main forms of cardio are HIIT (High-intensity interval training) and LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio. I have always personally prefered HIIT, it’s quicker and gets it over with sooner. But both have there perks. LISS takes longer, but isn’t so strainging. Try them both and see which one you prefer.

any foods i should stay away from?

Great thing about Macro’s is that you can eat anything, so no, you don’t need to stay away from any foods! On the other hand we would stay watch out for empty/wasted calories. Some foods will contain loads of calories, for example biscuits, Cake and Soda/fizzy drinks. They will all contain lots of calories but very little hunger relief.

any tips to hit my fats?

If you are struggling to hit your fats then we would recommend Nuts. Eating nuts like almonds and Cashews and also Nut butters and Avocados are great for helping you to hit your fats.

can i still drink ALCOHOL?

Of course you can! Just find out the calories and add them on!

should i stay away from tea or coffee?

Again of course you can, just find out the calories and add them on! If you want to save some calories use fat free milk and sugar free syrups.

why aren't my scale going down?

If the scales aren’t going down, the biggest reason for this is that you are building muscle, muscle weighs more than fat so the scales won’t change.

do you ever to meet up's?

We don’t do meet and greats as we are very busy, But we do sometimes attend the fitness events that are held in England, you can go over to our Instagram page to see if we are doing any events.

will you be down any workout classes

We do aim to put some workout classes together. if you would be interested in attending let us know.

i have a suggestion, who do i contact?

Feel free to head over to the contact page and contact us through there.


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