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The Fitness Application

Sets & Reps

The Fitness Application

Sets & Reps

The Fitness Application

Sets & Reps Membership Area

We have just released our latest update to our Fitness application. With this update comes the brand new Sets & Reps Membership Area. This Membership Area is subscription-based but contains a lot more features and really opens the whole app up. Turns it into a kind of “Personal Trainer” in your pocket. All for a great monthly (or Yearly Price).

Sets & Reps Application - Menu

Hundreds of Workouts

Stuck for a workout? Need an idea of something to do? We have created hundred’s of ready to go workouts! Give our collection a search for the kind of thing you are after and away you go! it could be a EMOM workout or even a full Leg day. We have got workouts for every occasion. 

Don’t need to worry about equipment either. We have split the workouts up into various equipment requirements. Only got access to one dumbbell? We have a whole collection of single dumbbell workouts! Got access to a full gym? We have an entire mixed category. So many amazing workout! 

Membership Area - Workout Example

Exercise Walkthrough

Membership Area - Exercise List

Grappling to perform an exercise? Well luckily for you we have put together a whole library of exercises! With detailed images and a full breakdown of how to do the exercise. On release, the library will have loads of exercises, but we will be constantly updating and adding. So this library will soon have every exercise you could ever want to do. 

The Library will help you if you ever get stuck on how to perform an exercise. It will go hand in hand without workout examples, With a link between them both. So, if you load up a workout and not sure how to perform a certain exercise. You can hop over to the exercise library and find out.

Workout Planner

The workout plan is great if you are creating your workouts. You can make and plane workout in various formats. Display them in a nice little layout and then if you want export them to your Photo library for saving or to share with a Gym buddy. 

You have the option to create a standard workout, using Sets & Reps, or you can do circuits, rounds or even EMOM’s. Each one will display as it should for that workout.

Membership Area - Workout Planner

Weight Diary

Membership Area - Weight Tracker

This is our first feature which we have updated. If you don’t subscribe to the Membership Area, you will still have access to the original weight diary. However, if you subscribe to the Membership Area then you will get a brand new and updated one! 

We have redesigned it completely! We implemented a new graph view that shows you your entries on a graph and allows you to physically see the change. Along with the tooltips to see the weight change, we have made it very visual!

Now, if you subscribe you will have two ways to get to the Diary entry. Either through the Membership Area side of the app or clicking the original button for the diary. This will take you to the new diary as well.


Do you currently keep a logbook? Well, how about you take that logbook and make it digital? Not only log your workout but also log your day! How you feel, how your workout went, how was your hunger? Then we have also given you the ability to rate your day. This allows you to not only view previous workouts but in fact, see previous days!

As with the workout planner you can export this in various formats and various ways. Plus using the table view, you can see what days were good and what days were bad, then dive in and see why they were bad.

Personally, this is my favourite new feature. Once I starting logging my days I found it to be so useful. “Wow, I felt weak today!” How was my diet different? Well, I can look back on previous entries and see. Plus it is also a tool to get your feelings out. Diary or workout diary, it is your call.

Membership Area - Diary Entry

Volume Calculator

Membership Area - Volume Calculator

Best way to get strong and build muscle? Increase volume! However, the increasing volume comes in many ways! Do you increase the weight? maybe do more sets or even throw a few more reps in. However, you chose to do it. Tracking and calculating volume can be tricky and hard work. Lucky for you we have created a volume calculator. Which easily allows you to calculate the volume of a set. Type in the information needed hit calculate and it will display the results. 

We have made it even simpler by adding the ability to track multiple weights (in case you do a back offset) or allowing you to do quick sets (If you end up doing a few sets at the same weight/reps). Allowing you to Quickly calculate and track your volume. Speaking of tracking! 

Discount Codes

Looking for a discount on your favourite fitness sites? Well, luckily for you we are always keeping our eyes open and when we come across a discount code we will upload it and update this page. With the ability to search by shop it will mean most likely that whatever shop you are planning on shopping at, we will have a discount code for.

These are not our discount codes, These are codes we have found. We receive no commission from any of these. Purely just trying to share codes and save you all some money when buying your fitness things! If you have a discount code you would like us to put in the app, drop us an email or send us a message on our Instagram.

Membership Area - Discount Codes

Future Plans

So that is the membership area, Some huge features, hundreds of workouts and exercises! However, we still have plans! Our whiteboard is still full up with things to come! Some are just ideas, and some are actually in progress! 

The next big step for the membership area is a program list. A full 3, 4, 5, 6 day a week program list. A day by day and workout by workout breakdown. This will be great for people who are after a program that will help them progress in this journey! More news to follow.

The other thing that will be happening, From the get-go, is workout and exercise updates. We will be constantly updating the exercise list and also creating and uploading the workout example. These won’t require an app update to see, Once we create and upload them on our end, they will appear on the app instantly. Meaning, most weeks the app will get more content! ever-evolving!

Membership Area Price

We wanted to make the Membership Area affordable for everyone! So we have set up two prices. You have the option to pay monthly (£2.99) or Yearly (£30.00) which ever one is best for you. We feel this is great value for money and for what it unlocks is incredible. We believe it contains all the features you want to progress in your fitness journey!