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The Fitness Application

Sets & Reps

The Fitness Application


Are you looking to get into writing a blog and an article? Want to expand your portfolio? or just feel like you have something to bring to the fitness and Sets & Reps community? We are looking for people like you to guest write some articles and blog posts for our blog. 

If you feel like you have a fitness article or even an idea for an article please get in touch as we might be looking for something just like it. You can write articles about many different things in the fitness world.


We love a good workout article, got an idea for a workout? Or do you already have a workout that you would like to spread? Write it up in a blog post and send it over to us. There are so many amazing workouts out there and yours might just be one!


If you have a recipe, meal plan or even just some advice about nutrition then we would love to work with you. With all the rubbish that can be found online, it would be great if we could get everyone’s amazing nutrition tips and recipes, in an easy to read format


Can you think of anything else that might be worth putting on the blog? Let us know! Send us an email explaining your idea and we can go from there. We need everyone’s help in combatting and cutting through all the rubbish fitness and nutrition advice online. So if you have an idea, talk to us about it.

Why write for us?

Why would you even want to write for us? As stated above you will help to fight the “Bro Science” & “Corporate Scams” that happen in the fitness industry, but also you will be helping yourselves out too! Spreading your name, Increasing your online and offline presence and if the article does well, you could make some money through it. 

Also with links back to your personal blog, or website it will also help boost visits and views to your site. What if you don’t have a personal blog or Website? Then it will help boost your socials, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will all benefit from your article.

Have an idea for an Article? Get in touch!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, Or if you have some great ideas to share for our fitness blog, then please get in touch below. We would love to hear and work with you!