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Sets & Reps

The Fitness Application

Sets & Reps

The Fitness Application

Sets & Reps Features

Sets & Reps has loads of features to help you on your fitness journey, Loads of tools to help you get in shape and get healthy. Below we have listed the main ones, click the Read More button to get more information about them.


The main feature of Sets & Reps is the workouts. Sets & Reps contains loads of free workouts and loads of extra paid workouts to keep you going. Various workout using various formats, some of which use equipment and some which don't. Can be done at the gym or at home, or even on holiday.


The App contains lots of tools to help you on your journey. We have included a 'build a workout' tool, so you can create a custom workout for your needs. There is also a free macro/Calorie calculator so you can perfect your diet. We also have a helpful workout timer, Tracks everything from Rests to work sets even tracks how many rounds you have completed. Completely hands free!

Free Advice

One of the biggest features in Sets & Reps is the Free Advice. If you have any questions about fitness, nutrition or anything health then you can fill out the form and we will answer the question the best we can.

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Let's talk about the Workouts that you will see inside of the Sets & Reps Apps.

As the main feature of the application, we needed to get this right. We wanted to give people a huge range of workouts to chose from. Different people like working out in different ways using different kinds of workouts, so we wanted to cater to all of them.

We have so many workouts pack on the application that we are sure everyone will find a workout they like. Plus the list just keeps going, with every update comes new workouts for people to try. All workouts have been designed with several Personal Trainers so you know you are only getting the very highest of quality.

Inside the application, as we have already said, you will find many workouts, An example of which is the Kettlebell workouts, Designed to help you build muscle and strength only using the simplest of equipment. You will also find Tabata and HIIT workouts on the app, Designed to increase your heart rate in a short space of time, Great for those days when you haven’t got time for a full workout.

Features The Workouts Advice

Sets & Reps has so many Features some of with are the many tools that will help you on your fitness journey.

To help with your fitness journey we have designed various tools and features. These tools will help you diet, track, time and everything in-between. Fitness isn’t just about the workout, it is about the diet and times away from the gym.

The biggest tool/feature on the app is the Macro/Calorie calculator, we designed this so people have a reliable and trustworthy way to calculate their calories. Using their information, their weight and height they can calculate their custom calories, and if they wish to go on to calculate their Macro breakdown. Can this get any better? Of course it can, we have made this feature completely free!

Another one of the main features on the application is the Sets & reps Timer. Using this timer will let you focus on the workout and less on having to count. It is completely hands-free. It will count time, Rounds and rest for you. Colour coded on a full screen so it is easy to view at any angle. With loads of interval options, this is perfect for those Circuit and Tabata workouts. Another thing? This is also completely free to use!

Features The Tools Advice

Let's talk about the Sets & Reps free advice service. How will it help you?

The internet is amazing, all this information at just a touch of a few keys, you can get any help or advice you want. However, what do you know what to trust? There is a lot of rubbish and untrustworthy advice. Here at Sets & Reps, we wanted everyone to have a one-stop-shop for fitness and nutrition advice. So we created the Free Advice.

Anyone can use it, Even if they don’t have the app. Using the free advice you can ask us a fitness question and we will give you an honest and trustworthy answer. No Lies or up-sells. We want everyone to achieve their fitness journeys, and we want them to achieve it as quick as possible using the most honest advice and help as possible.

As we have said, it is free advice, We want everyone to gain the correct and honest knowledge, without having to pay. You shouldn’t have to pay to get fitter and healthier. So if you have a fitness question you are just burning to ask, head on over to our Advice page and send it on over to us.

Features The free Advice

Got a Question you want Answering?

Head over to the sets & Reps free advice and let us help you out

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Diet is a huge part of any fitness goal, With the correct diet the whole joinery will be easier. Thanks to our tools, we can help you achieve the perfect diet that will be easy to follow and stick too.

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Workouts are also very important, Without workouts we won’t be able to tear our muscle and get them to re-build bigger and stronger. With the help of our massive selection of workouts you can.

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Most importantly it is important to enjoy working out. It is a hobby and shouldn’t be a chore. This is why we have made the Sets & Reps a fun and easy app to use. You will never dread opening the app up.