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The Fitness Application

Sets & Reps

The Fitness Application

Sets & Reps

The Fitness Application


We update Sets & Reps every month to a new version. We update the app for several reasons. These reasons are listed below. Along with the version history and what has changed in each version. Letting you know what has changed, Bug fixes or just a new look. Easy to keep up to date with our app. For more information about the app, check out the features page and about page


We are always coming up with new features, new workouts and new tools that we think will help you in your fitness journey.


Sometimes we might see a bug, or have a bug reported by a user. We will try to patch this bug in a new version, and work towards a perfect app. 


We also update if we feel that we can make the app look better, Easier to use or feel it just needs a refresh in design. We always try to keep the familiar look mind!



As with every update we have improved the app where possible, made it run faster and updated and cleans the code where we felt it was needed. Trying to give you the best performing app with as little to no crashes as possible. We have also defaulted the Exercise diary to sort alphabetically. As this is the last update till the new year, we have made the app a little bit more festive.

This updates sees a few improvements. The first is that we fixed some issues that were raised to us on the Exercise Tracker feature where the keyboard wouldn’t disappear. This has been resolved! We have also added a date option to each record so you will be able to track the date you performed a lift. Allowing easier tracking over time. 

The next improvement is that we received a few emails asking if we would ever consider creating a Barbell & Dumbbell workout category on the workout example page. We had enough people as that we thought we would do it. Over time we will expand the selection of workouts.  

As with every update we had performed some minor improvements and update and code we felt needed to be updated. Trying to keep the app up to date and as fast as possible for you all. 

This is a fairly minor update, Only a few slight improvements. The main one being that we put a measure in place so that the app doesn’t crash when trying to add a duplicate entry in the exercise diary. The app will no longer let you add duplicate entries. We have also updated some of the graphics in the app and updated the Membership Area menu, so that it matches the other menus. 

As with every update we have made some improvements to the overall speed and use of the application. Hopefully making it easier to use and faster to use. We have also corrected the help button so that It links to the updated help page.

We have now added an exercise diary to the app. What is an exercise diary? You can use it to track your exercise lifts. Instead of having to write down every list in your notepad, you can use this new feature to track your lifts, organise it by lift and keep everything nice and tidy and in your pocket. Need to add a new lift? That is fine, click add, type in the name of your lift and then begin to fill in the entries.

Need some ideas on how to use your daily calories? Well the new calorie calculator is going to help you even more! Calculate your calories as you would before, but now you will have the options to get calorie meal ideas. Giving you an option to split your calories up by meal. We are going to be working on this more and more and make it even more customisable but for now it will give you a rough idea on what you can eat for each meal. Along with this you will also notice that the look of the calculator has received a bit of an update.

As with every update we have made some improvements to the overall speed and use of the application. Hopefully making it easier to use and faster to use. We have also corrected the help button so that It links to the updated help page.

We have updated a few of the features in the Membership area so that they have a bit more functionality. The dairy will now tell you how many entries you have entered and also what the average rating is over all the entries. Allowing a visual and quick reference to see an average rating of all your entires.

We have also put in the ability to save workouts to your favourites. If you find a workout that you like in the workout examples, you can now swipe on the menu and add it to your favourite. Allowing you to bring it up again at any time. You now have a favourite option on the menu to bring up all your favourite workouts. You can also delete favourite from this menu

There has also been a few changes to the more menu layout. We have split the menu up into two categories. Workouts and features/tools. Allowing you to navigate the app even easier and faster. Along with this there have also been a few other minor changes just to improve the look and feel off the application.

We have made some huge changes in this update! The first major one is the release of the new Membership Area. This is a subscription-based area of the app that will unlock loads of new features and workouts. To start with, You will have access to 100’s of workouts for you to try, divided up into equipment types. You will also have access to our exercise library which contains a thorough breakdown of how to do exercises with animated images. You will also gain access to several brand new features and updated features. With the help of the workout planner and Volume calculator, you will be able to plan and execute the perfect workout. Pair that with the new Diary and you will be able to track not only your workout but also your nutrition and just about anything else.

We have also given access to Members the new weight diary, This has got a completely new look and function, With graphs and tooltips to help you visualise your journey! The membership area also unlocks the full app, giving you access to every workout, every feature all advert-free as well! Plus anything we add in future you will gain access to. To read a full list of features you get with the new Membership Area head on over to the Membership Area page.

Other Updates

We have also updated the EMOM generator and the timer, given both new options. The EMOM generator now has two options for either a CrossFit based EMOM or a Bodybuilding based EMOM. The timer now has a new EMOM timer. Allowing you to time and track your EMOM workouts.

We have cleaned up the app and also adjusted the look ever so slightly. Allowing for a cleaner and faster app. We have also made a few other minor improvements to the app. Allowing for smooth and faster use of it. The loading screen has been updated with some new Images!

A few big changes in the 3.9 update. We have fixed the “Back” button issue within the workout pages people were experiencing. This has now been fixed and works a lot better. We have also adjusted the input field on the weight tracker, making it easier and smoother to input your data in to the text field.

As with the last update we been working on preparations for the new Members Area. Nothing that will effect your use of the app currently. Again, head over here to read more information about the new members page. More information will be released very shortly.

Only a minor update for 3.8, We have updated some of the images so they look clearer on bigger devices. We have also improved some interface issues that were occurring in the app. Also, as with every update, We have improved speed and efficiency within the app as best as we could. 

Another big change that has happened is we have started getting the app ready for the new Members Area within the application. Click here to read all about that and what to expect. This will be released very shortly and we will be release more information within the coming weeks.

Only a minor update for 3.7, no massive changes. We have updated some of the firmware inside the app making sure that the app runs as efficiently and as smooth as possible. We are also making sure that we are keeping up to date with any new devices that Apple might release.

As with every update,  We always try to improved the code and tidy things up and even update some of it. Making sure that the app will run as fast and as cleanly as possible. We have fixed some bugs that were pointed out to us. In general we have made sure that the app is performing at tip top performance.

We have added a collection of Ab workouts! We have replaced the one ab workout on the home screen, and made it into a collection of ab workouts. This workout pack contains various workouts in various formats, as well as a few challenges to keep you excited and motivated. This pack is free for everyone, so feel free to update your app and give them a go! 

As with every update, we have worked on making the UI easier to use and the performance even faster. We have updated all the code to make sure it is as fast and efficient as possible. While doing this we have fixed some UI bugs that were pointed out to us. We have made sure that the navigation buttons take you to where you are expecting.

Another improvements is that we have added buttons to the application so you can find out more information about the app itself. The first one being on the Extra’s page. This will take you to a page that will explain all the purchases within the app, give you an explanation about them and also the price. The second one is a button on the load screen to bring you here, The version history page. So you can find out what has changed form within the application.

The first improvement that we have made is a weight tracker. You can now track your fat loss and weight loss journey, one entry at a time, in fact, you can view each entry, your current weight and also the tracker will tell you what you have lost. Making weight tracking so simple and seeing your progress just a press of a button!

We have also improved some of the aspects of the apps. We have fixed some of the animations that we thought just weren’t up to scratch and also fixed some minor issues throughout the app. Improving the application just a little with every update. We have also addressed some minor layout issues, making the app much easier to use and making it more user friendly!

Firstly we have put a new feature into the app, a brand new tool for those looking to increase strength. We have create a REP calculator for you all. This free RPE Calculator will calculate your Rate of Perceived Exertion. This will speed up your workouts, helping you calculate what weight, Pounds or Kilograms, you need at any RPE. 

We have also redesigned how you access the blogs on the app, We will now have a live list of the blogs, in date order for you to scroll through, With a short description of what the blog is about, every blog we have ever created, right at your finger tips. Never been easier to find a blog post!

The biggest change in this update is that we have changed the look off the menu’s ever so slightly. In an attempt to make the app look cleaner and make it easier to use we have moved out social buttons to the “Extra” page. This allows more room at the bottom on the screen and makes the menu’s easier to navigate.

As with every update we have cleaned up the code and improved the performance of the application as much as possible. We are trying to make the app as fast and as light as possible. This means every update will receive code changes to make it load faster, operate faster and crash less 

We have also added a few minor features and improvements. For example we have added the version number to the loading screen, this way you will know if you are running the most updated version. We have also added another loading screen image. Also to go along side the menu redesign, a few other minor design changes have happened, colour choices, layout etc.

The biggest improvement is an EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) workout generator. This will generate a wide range of amazing workouts. The best thing about this update is that all the exercises are stored online, so we can update and add more exercises without you needing to update the app, which we will be doing every week. More exercises which in turn, means more workouts!

Alongside the EMOM Generator, we have also updated and improved the Timer. Huge improvements have been made to the layout and also to the functionality, making it easier to follow, and track rest and work time. Customer Timers are now even easier to create and easier to follow. We have made this the best workout timer available! 

The last improvement that we made is to build a workout section. Adding other questions, which in turn adds another workout to the list. Making workouts even more customisable. Making it easier to get the workout that you want! Whatever your style, Location or time restriction are, we will be able to generate you the perfect workout!

Download Here


If you want to see what all the fuss is about, then head over to the link below and download the Sets & Reps home workout application complelety free! Use it outside and inside of the gym! With the many tools that are included in the app, you will find that your fitness goals become a lot easier to reach!