Maintain while on Holiday? – Dealing with Fitness while on holiday


Are you planning on going on holiday soon? Want to do everything you can to keep your progress on track while on holiday? Well, fear not! There are a few things that you can do to help you continue your journey and still make progress even while enjoying your holiday. 

These are things that we have tried ourselves over the years. You should try a mixture of them. However, you may find that a certain one works best for you and you find it easier to stick to that one. So without any more delay, let us dive straight into it.


The first step is to continue to track your food. Now, we understand you are on holiday and we are big fans of letting go and enjoying your holiday. So, if you want to track on holiday, don’t track every gram and calorie! Keep a rough idea of what you are eating and take a mental note. There is no need to ruin your holiday weighing everything and worrying about how many calories (Unless you have a goal or competition coming up).

Also, I would highly recommend you try to keep your protein as high as you can! How many grams doesn’t matter but try to keep it as high as possible! I would also recommend trying to snack as little as possible, eat your 3-4 meals a day that you would and keep your protein high, this should see you through the holiday.


What about exercise while on holiday? Well, keep it simple! Get your steps in! Your main goal, before working out or gyms should be focusing on steps! Aim to continue to hit your step goal and this will help you maintain some level of output and also keep you in the right mindset. You will find that on certain holidays, this will be easy and other you will find it surprising how many steps you naturally do. 


This tip seems obvious and a lot of people will naturally do this without noticing, but keep your output as high as possible! You want to do as much as possible. You can use things like activities and sports to help towards this! You will be amazed at how easy it is to increase your output. You should aim to do this alongside your steps.

Holidays like Skiing and Hiking and climbing will have a huge output, more than you think. Making up for any drinking and eating you might do. On other holidays you can add output in by going for a swim or playing some sports on the beach. I feel it is really easy to keep your output high on holiday! Unless the goal of your holiday is to be as relaxed as possible. Then don’t worry at all!


The most obvious thing you can do, if you are worried is to find a local gym! Gyms are all over the world and it won’t be too hard to find one. Do some research before you fly and find out how much a day pass is. You might also find that some gym’s offer a weekly pass. Drop the gym an email or visit when you get there, explain your situation and they might do you a deal on a pass for a few days. We weeks holiday, if you can get 2-3 sessions in you will be fine.

You will also find that a lot of hotels will have some kind of gym facility available. Hotel gyms are never the best but they will do! They will have equipment available. Will you be able to follow your plan to the bone? Not at all! You will have to work around it (Most of the time, just doing pump workouts or functional workouts) but you will still be able to have some good workouts. Also, the gym being in the hotel will be super convenient. 


At the end of the day, and we have said this previously before, you are on holiday. Enjoy yourself! You have most likely been dieting hard for the holiday so relax and enjoy yourself a bit! You aren’t going to do too much damage in 1 or 2 weeks (unless you go proper man vs food wild).

A holiday aims to relax, so relax! If you have been tracking and dieting for a while now, you will have a good perception of food, and also built up a good relationship with food so won’t have too much to worry about.


So as you can see there are a few things you can do while on holiday so that you can still make as much progress and stay on track as possible. Any tips that you do or have for when you are on holiday? Let us know over on our Instagram! We would love to hear what you all do and try while living it up in the sun (Or snow)

However, at the end of the day, enjoy your holiday! Holidays are a time that you don’t have to worry about fitness and eating and dieting! Like we have said above, you will be surprised at how high your output will be on holiday so don’t worry! 

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Written by Kieran Blacker

Kieran is the CEO and Founder of Sets & Reps. He decided to make an application that helped people get a gym workout when not at the gym. He designed, Coded and built the application himself.