A Full Day of Eating – What I eat in a day…..Roughly!


Today we are going to go through a full day of eating. What I eat in a day. I think this full day of eating will be a lot different from what you normally see online. Different foods, different format and in fairness different goals.

So let us dive straight into this full day of eating. I have also included bought times in which I eat these meals, but please keep in mind, I don’t time any of my meals. I don’t eat bro and try to eat every 2 hours or any of that. So, the first stop of this full day of eating is Breakfast.

BREAKFAST - 7:30am

  • Latte
    • 73 Kcals
    • 0.8g Protein
Full Day

I know what you are thinking. You don’t eat breakfast? No, No I don’t. I don’t find that I am hungry when I wake up so instead of forcing food I decide to have a latte and skip the food. I can use these calories and put them to my other meals to make them bigger. 

This works well for me as I can wake up, not have to worry about breakfast, grab a coffee and start with the day. I am not fasting, I am not forcing myself not to eat, this is just for the fact that I am not hungry in the mornings. So I don’t eat.


  • MyProtein Clear Whey (26g)
    • 80Kcals
    • 20g Protein

Around mid-morning, I might get a little peckish but still not want to consume a full meal. So I have started having a scoop (26g) MyProtein Clear Whey. I make the shake about 30 minutes before I consume it and put it in the fridge! This was it is ice cold and taste amazing! Great to sip on while I am working. It is tasty, quick, convenient and an easy way to get 20g of protein in.

LUNCH - 12:30-1:0pm

  • Anabolic French Toast and a Yoghurt
    • 627Kcals
    • 78g Protein

So this is my first big meal of the day, Time for lunch! I am currently on the Anabolic French Toast hype (You can read our review here). I have 4 slices of French toast topped with a “high protein” yoghurt. This gives me around 78g of protein. It is very filling. Very tasty and curbs all my cravings and will see me through the day, through my workout and on to my evening meal.

As a side note I do meal prep the 4 slices the night before, just makes everything so much easier when cooking lunch during work. Everything is there and ready. However, I will say they taste so much better freshly cooked and of the pan.

If I needed to save some calories or I was heading out for a meal with friends in the evening I would drop the slices of French toast down to 3 or 2. That is what I love most about this meal, it is so easy to add calories or remove calories from it. Making it perfect for swapping and moving calories around.


If I need a pre-workout snack (around 3pm) I will have it here. Currently, I don’t have a pre-workout meal as I feel my lunch is enough to carry me over and give me plenty of energy for my workout.

If I was to have a pre-workout meal, it would be something like a bowl of cereal (No Milk) or a Rice Krispy square bar. Something with fast carbs. However, as I said, I don’t feel like I need it. Remember just because someone else does it doesn’t mean you should. You have to experiment and see what works best for you.

DINNER - 7:00pm

  • Turkey Mince, Rice and Veg
    • 818Kcals
    • 91g Protein

This meal will be my dinner and also my post-workout meal. I will tend to eat this meal around 1-2 hours after the gym. This meal has a lot of veggies in, which I don’t count towards my Macros, except for the corn (I don’t know why I track the corn, it is just in the meal I saved and gets copied over). I don’t track the spinach or the mixed peppers in this meal. Do veggies have calories? Yes! Do I worry about them? No, not at all. I think more people need to worry about eating more veggies rather than how many calories are in them. Plus, they keep you fuller for longer.

EVENING SNACK - 9:30-10:00pm

  • MyProtein Mug Cake
    • 196Kcal
    • 26g Protein

This is the last thing I will eat before bed. It is a MyProtein Mug cake. Is it high calorie? Yes, well fairly. However, it tastes really nice and is a nice sweet treat to round of the day with. So any cravings I might have throughout the day I know will be eased. 

Plus if I have had a busy day and I still feel hungry after dinner, I know I have a mug cake to eat. Kind of a mental “I still have one more meal” thought. If I need more calories, say I was going out for food with friends, I would drop the mug cake allowing me 196 more calories to play with. It is always good to have a “meal” you can drop to allow more calories if you need them.


  • 1800-1900kcals

I aim to eat a total of 1800 to 1900 calories. I like to give myself a buffer. My calories are pretty low at the moment, as I am in a mini cut. I will be raising them shortly, still be in a cut but o will raise my daily calories and also my daily calorie output. I will then go into a slow, very slow “bulk”. However, I will explain more on that later.

I aim for around 200g of protein, which is more than “I need” but I like to aim high for protein then If I need to bring it down to fit some more calories in I can. As you might be able to tell with this “Diet” I am trying to be as flexible as possible. In fairness, I have now got to the stage where I don’t need to track my calories, I eat roughly the same meals every day. Plus, as my output is slowly increasing (Due to doing more Functional/Conditional training), I can eat more anyway.


I don’t count Fats or Carbs, I only count calories and protein. I find this a lot easier and a lot more flexible. However, if I was to want to get stage ready or lean down for a photoshoot I would start counting each macro.

You will also notice that I have very high-calorie meals. I prefer to eat less frequently but have higher volume and bigger meals. Make me feel full. This is a personal preference. It might work for some people and not for others. I know some people prefer smaller meals more frequently. I recommend you try both to see which one you like. You don’t have to eat 6 meals every 2 hours! Calories in vs calories out is all that matters!

On the same note, I tend to worry about meal timing, I don’t do pre-workout meals or eat every 2 hours. I like big meals that are filling. As I said above, you will have to try both ways and see which one works best for you. 


So that is my full day of eating, it can vary from day to day but this is what I am eating most days at the moment. I find that I don’t get hungry or feel the need to snack as much throughout the day. Remember just because someone else does it doesn’t mean you should. You have to experiment and see what works best for you.

Sometimes I might find myself snacking on some things, but I have aimed my calories slightly lower to counter for this! I am still leaning up and liking the way my progress is going.

If you are counting macro’s you should try to swap to counting protein and calories it make things so much easier! If you want to know how many calories you should be eating, our app has a free helpful calorie and macro calculator! You can download it here for free!

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Written by Kieran Blacker

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